Hope St. Project

Hope St. Project

We build more than houses. We rebuild lives.

The development of conditions under which every American family can obtain good housing is a major objective of national policy. … A high level of housing construction and vigorous community development are essential to the economic and social well being of our country. It is, therefore, properly a concern of this government to insure that opportunities are provided every American family to acquire a good home. –President Dwight D. Eisenhower, January 1954

A big part of the American Dream is “to insure that opportunities are provided every American family to acquire a good home.” But as we see in many of our communities, the homeless problem has only worsened over the years toward a homeless crisis.

Dr. Barry Bacon, the founder of the Hope St. Project is pursuing to provide what should be normal for any person: a home.

In his recent Plan to End Homelessness presented to the City Council of Colville, he gives further detail to this comprehensive method of ending homelessness. It basically boils down to community Teamwork with an underlining theme of It Takes a Village to rebuild lives.

“ We determine to end homelessness in Colville to the degree that it is within our power, and in doing so, to transform the lives of those we serve and our community.

“Homelessness is growing in Stevens County. There are not sufficient funds or resources available to address this crisis. If we are to address this challenge effectively, we must rally around and partner together to improve the efficiency of those who already work to end it.

“All humans share the need for shelter. Without shelter, health outcomes are measurably worse. Living without shelter is associated with other challenges, including poverty, material insecurity, violence and abuse by other society members, addiction, mental illness, adverse childhood events, and despair… "

Read full End Homeless Plan proposed and approved by Colville City Council.

Dr. Bacon has sought a wide range of partners in curing this local crisis: social services, civic services, mental health directors, health practitioners, churches, charitable organizations, schools & youth associations, job training specialists, builders, land owners, real estate agents, mortgage brokers, and everyone who can lend a helping hand. Hope St. partners gathered so far include:

• Tri-County Home Builders Association
• City of Colville Community Partners in Mental Health
• Rural Resources
• Catholic Charities
• NEW Alliance
• Habitat for Humanity
• City of Colville
• Food Banks
• Tri-County Community Health Fund
• North Stevens County Ministerial Association
• Homeless & recently homeless
• Colville High School
• Selkirk High School
• Youth at Risk – Pend Oreille County
• Home owners & land developers

Learn more by downloading Hope St. Project’s brochure.

The Hope St. Project is a 501(c)3 under the Tri-County Community Health Fund, a not-for-profit organization committed to addressing health disparities in northeastern Washington. To donate contact Dr. Bacon as Hope St.’s website is being rebuilt, or click here for mailing instructions.

Are you a supplier and would like to get involved in providing materials to build the tiny homes or offer discount prices?

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