Before-after shots

Country Home Facelift

Kettle Falls, WA

Our customer desired a new look to their 1925 original Sears & Roebuck Kit Home so we gave it a facelift with new windows, new siding & roofing, deck restoration and stairs, plus an outstanding paint job.   

Master Bedroom Addition

Kettle Falls, WA

 Some creative customers dreamt up adding a master bedroom & bathroom addition to this 1935  home. After starting the addition, they decided it needed new siding and a new roof. The kitchen was the next upgrade they wanted since it was like a dark hole in the wall. Instead of a skylight, we knocked down a whole wall, opening up their kitchen and dining room spaces tripling the kitchen's size and lighting it up! Click on the slideshow button below to see more! 

New Country Home

Colville, WA     2015

   Farmhouse Remodel

    Kettle Falls, WA      2016

1890 Farmhouse Custom Remodel - New kitchen and more... upgraded laundry room and master bathroom, plus we converted a room upstairs into a bathroom.

First pictured is the kitchen Before, then After shots. Next is the laundry room Before and After. Finally is a photo of the new upstairs bathroom.

Dream Home

Colville, WA      2014

Customer retirement dream home.

Renovated Deck

Colville, WA

New hip roof for wrap-around, spacious deck on two sides.

New built-in covered storage downstairs, walk-in closet upstairs.

Rental Upgrade

Colville, WA     2015

After removing old carpet we discovered beautiful oak wood underneath in this 1950's home. It only made sense to refinish this fine hidden wood flooring.

Reclaimed Flooring

Orient, WA

We reclaimed and installed old school gym flooring, built circa 1920’s, in this country home close to the Canadian border.