Tiny Homes



The NEW HOPE tiny house is our first tiny home for the Hope St. Project, a full-scale program aimed at ending homelessness in Stevens County by offering all wrap-around services necessary to transform and rebuild lives. Learn more about the Hope St. Project.

We are also taking orders for custom tiny homes! The five top answers from our home shows for wanting a tiny house on wheels were:

1) A tiny cabin to park on lake property

2) A mother-in-law or guest cabin (maybe grown kids:)

3) A place for homeless, especially in a village

4) An office or hobby space

5) A way to free and minimalize (especially with the younger generation).

We design with your preferences in mind. As we are seeing today, tiny homes have become BIG on the creative side, using unique storage pockets and tailored finish work to make it your personal space. Base price starts at $50K. Contact us today as we are starting to build our 2017 tiny home orders.

Wilder Tiny Home LIVE with Jennifer Bertrand

Wilder Construction LLC builds first tiny home for the homeless in partnership with Dr. Bacon's Hope St. Project.